Who Is Your Target Audience? (2 Sensational Case Studies From Youtube’s Humble Beginning and V8 Juice Early Audience Strategy.)

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It was not until I read The Audience and Business of YouTube And Online Videos from Google scholar and also V8 juice’s early days that I had a better understanding and proper answer to this same question: Who Is Your Target Audience.

This same question unanswered has downed or derailed many businesses even though they had been in business for long and had weathered many storms. Many of these businesses have either folded up or lost track of whom they were originally established to serve. This simply explains why so many organizations cannot break through a constant profit cap or are outrightly not making profits anymore.

From my research into YouTube’s humble beginning and V8’s early audience strategy, your Target Audience is that specific group of people who have peculiar questions yet to be answered by existing businesses, a group of people with peculiar pain points yet to be solved/addressed by existing businesses, and can sacrifice any amount of cash or time to get the problems solved and the questions answered.

Who Is Your Target Audience: YouTube As A Case Study
Who Is Your Target Audience: YouTube As A Case Study

Before the advent of YouTube in April 23rd, 2005, there has been other video sharing sites such as: Stupidvideos.com. Vimeo, metacafe, daily motion.

Non of these other video-sharing sites could correctly define their audiences, hence the overtaking by YouTube.

These were some of the kind of questions that YouTube answered correctly. These sort of questions looked difficult for other video-sharing platforms. With these questions answered, it was quite easy for YouTube to rake in a larger chunk of the video audience.

  1. Where can I post my homemade cookies
  2. where can I find a demo for the use of my accessories?
  3. How do I dress to work the first time?
  4. Where can I get to see funny videos to make me laugh?
  5. Where can I share my product sample with a wide range of people?
  6. Where can I monetize my content without looking stupid?

These question represented the fact that YouTube had answers for any demography (any Age, location and gender), cooperate bodies who are out to get new sales as well as Individuals who either want to put out contents for fun or for income generation..

By 2016, YouTube’s gigantic collection of different kinds of videos had resulted in about 4billion sharable videos, making it the biggest video platform in the world.

YouTube wasn’t targeting every dick and harry, their major audience was those looking for quick audio-visual answers to a simple question as outlined above, and this audience can either be professionals or a teenage boy/girl next door. This is the singular audience mix that distinguishes YouTube from other video platforms.

While you may not be lucky with large audince selection for your brand as YouTube , we simply want you to be:

  1. As strategic in your thinking as YouTube
  2. Aim to solve particularly disturbing challenges
  3. Aim to answer spectacular questions with your brand\
  4. Look out for audiences who can sacrifice their money or time just to get their problems solved or questions answered.
Who Is Your Target Audience: V8 Juice As A Case Study
who is your target audience

V8 Vegetable Juice was first developed by Frank Constable of Chicago, Illinois, during the food crisis of The Great Depression. His major aim for setting up V8 Juice was simple and straightforward. According to the story on their website, V8 stands for delicious juice blends and accessible nutrition.

V8 Vegetable Juice was simply a blend of fresh tomatoes fruit plus other fruits into a single container.

V8 Juice thrives well in the market because:

  1. Their marketing does not target the regular juice takers
  2. Their marketing efforts target audiences that will be too busy to buy all the named fruits and vegetables and blend them into a juice.
  3. Their audience saw V8 juice as a worthy alternative to having to buy and blend fruits and vegetables.
  4. Their audience saw V8 juice as providing the same benefits as having to buy and blend fruits in their homes, and they were willing to pay for it.

This audience is clearly defined. Those who are busy, but yet, want to have the right combination and blend of vegetable in their daily diets.

In Summary, your target audience is that group with:

  1. Peculiar pain points that you can help to mitigate with your product or service
  2. Peculiar questions that you can answer satisfactorily
  3. The the right amount of cash to purchase a solution to their pain points or answers to their questions.

How To Find Your Target Audience
who is your target audience

It is really hard to say, but it is just the fact: You may get a good grasp of your target audience only after many trials and errors.

A successful personal marketing strategy can be borne out of getting a good grasp on your audience such as demographics, psychographics, and pain points and Understanding how consumers make decisions can also prevent you from wasting resources on ineffective tactic.

As already stated beflore, There are basic information you must know if you really want to answer that question: who is your target audience such as:

  1. The age of your ideal target audience
  2. The Location of your ideal target audience
  3. The Gender of your ideal Target Audience
  4. The financial capacity of your ideal target audience
  5. The Pain points of your target audience
  6. The Buying Behavior of your ideal target audience.

Not everything listed above will be correct at the start, you might have to make informed guesses about some, but with the passage of time, you should have more detailed information.

So, how do you find your target audience?

  1. One-on-one interaction with your current customers or few friends you think will like your business
  2. Google Analytics will help a lot
  3. Use google form for a little questionnaire for your ideal customers
  4. Ask for feedback on your site.
  5. Take a cue from your competitors

We want to turn it over to you now.

How are you currently doing with your ideal target audience? Or still trying to figure out who is your target audience?

You can learn more about us and how we can help you figure out who is your target audience.

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