What Constitutes SEO friendly blog titles Plus 8 Free Tips On How To Write One.

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Whether you are a digital marketing agency like us, a content marketer, or an individual blogger, you will surely find our experience writing SEO friendly blog titles very helpful.

It has been 6 solid years since we delved into the blogging world, and each time we write blog post titles for publishing on any web page, the ecstasy we feel knowing that we’re putting up helpful content on the web cannot be contained. This is because we have long answered the question of What constitutes SEO friendly blog titles.

Blog Posts are for human consumption (answers to queries), while Search Engine Optimization is for the Search engine Bot. When this knowledge/fact sinks successfully into your mind, you are able to strike a balance in your contents i.e. you will produce contents that are not only going to be discovered by the bot and served to searchers as worthy answers to their queries online (discoverable contents), you will be able also to produce contents that readers will ultimately fall in love with, obviously reducing your bounce rate.

The foundation of such content is crafting simple SEO friendly blog titles which gives you an in-depth idea of what the search intents are, as well as the post structure format.

What Constitutes SEO friendly blog titles?

From our years of experience writing blog titles, we have come to realize that promising SEO friendly blog titles must contain your target keyword, a sprinkle of power words to draw attention as well as trigger action, a sprinkle of emotional words which helps readers remember your title, a sprinkle of uncommon words. Additionally, SEO friendly blog titles must maintain a minimum character length of 70-72.

Let’s begin:

8 Constituents/How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Titles.

1. Add Your Target Keyword.
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Obviously, you do not want to throw your well-researched contents around the internet (tantamount to the wide sea) without giving them a means of proper identification. Your target keyword is your only means of identifying your content on the internet. Writing SEO friendly blog titles begins with keyword researching i.e. discovering what your potential readers are researching and why they are researching them (Intent).

To construct a good SEO friendly title, your target keyword must be included. This is because you not only want to write for searchers/humans alone, but you also want to write for & discovered by the Search engine bot.

2. Add Power Words
Use your power words in your SEO friendly blog titles

Not only do you want to get found by the search engine and rank your content for your target keyword, you will also want your blog title to draw attention as well as to trigger action. Power words are good constituents of seo friendly blog titles because they help to evoke emotion and action from potential readers. If this is used well, you are sure to get a higher click-through rate too. Few examples of power words as mentioned on SUMO include but are not limited to:

  1. Amazing
  2. Step-by-step
  3. Emerging
  4. Fail-Proof
  5. Faux Pas
  6. Defying
  7. Little-known
  8. Charming
  9. Badass
  10. Admit
3. Add Emotional Words

Emotional words are must-haves for your SEO friendly blog titles Emotional words help readers remember your title. Examples of emotional Words in seo friendly blog titles according to Enchanted Learning include but not limited to:

  1. anticipation
  2. anguish
  3. alienation
  4. anger
  5. apprehension
  6. bewitched
  7. bitterness
  8. bliss
  9. boredom
  10. complacent
4.Use Uncommon Words

These words compliment the power words in your blog titles for SEO in that they trigger curiosity to know the meaning of the word. Apart from this, uncommon words trigger the research zeal in the reader and make them click your post just so they can get to know the meaning of the word. The uncommon or rare words make your best blog titles for SEO look smart. Find some examples of rare words from Your Dictionary

5. Observe Moderate Character Length
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Character length is also a very important constituent of good SEO friendly blog titles. You do not want your blog titles to be cut halfway, leaving a bigger part of your message cut out.

6. Research/Analyze Your Post Competitors
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When you know what your competitors are talking about that is getting them the ranking on Google, you will need to pattern your blog titles as well as your content in like manner. Obviously, your competitors have fulfilled the search intent, and that is why they are chosen for the top.

7. Use Separators

It is surprising to know that only a few bloggers know the importance of separators in seo friendly blog titles. While there are no proofs that separators help your content to rank high, separator, if added brilliantly into your blog title, can bring structure and clarity to your blog titles which makes it easier for visitors to understand your whole post.

8. Add Positive Or Negative Sentiments.

Good SEO friendly blog titles are one which portray a positive or Negative view of or attitude toward a situation or event.

SEO Friendly Title Generator

While we are not disputing the fact that you can generate seo friendly blog titles without any assistance if you follow the steps we have outlined above, you may sometimes run into trouble without assistance. In order to avoid these blog title troubles, you need SEO friendly title generator.

SEO title generators are tools which help you to analyze your blog title, and also to ensure that you have a touch/mix of all the 8 constituents listed above.

There are various title generating tools with varied level of trustworthiness.

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2. Coschedule
coschedule headline example - seo friendly blog titles
Free and Paid Plan Available: You will have the opportunity to analyze as many titles as possible even before any serious financial commitment
Emotional Words Analysis: Coschedule tool gives you also the opportunity to add and analyze emotional words to your title.
Power words Analysis: This tool scores your percentage use of power words
Uncommon Words Analysis
Google chrome extension Available: You can also choose to download and install the google chrome version for easy usage
Highly Recommended: We have been using this same tool for our analysis. We highly recommend it to you.

You are here on this post most likely because you are simply tired of those blog post titles that do not convert a thing.

We congratulate you for reading up till this point, and we want to reiterate our point:

Writing catchy SEO Friendly Blog Titles for your posts is not negotiable if you are ready to get visitors to click through into your blog content. The SEO friendly blog titles are the gateway into your post body, so use the right means (including the use of tools) to do it correctly.

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