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We combine design, thinking and craft.

The SEO Hive Digital Solutions is the best website design company In Canada!

We offer affordable web design services for small, medium, and large businesses in Canada and beyond.

Our extensive knowledge in web design, web development and branding means that we build your website with a focus on conversion optimization, search engine ranking, and user experience in mind.

Like to find out why your website isn’t ranking in search engines or why it’s not converting as much as you’d love to?

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Why Hire Our Website Design Company?
Conversion-Ready Designs

Conversion rate optimization means getting your visitors to do what you want them to do, such as; fill out a lead form, make a phone call from the site, subscribe to newsletters, click on business address from the site,  buy a product, etc.

At The SEO Hive Digital Solutions, we create conversion-ready website designs, spending time to optimize your website conversion path.

Optimizing your website for conversion means we apply specific set of conversion tactics on the landing pages of your website.

We we make sure you’re reliably measuring every single important metric so further conversion optimization processes can be applied later.

Do you want to risk your business with a website design company that is missing the critical know-how on any part of the process? We highly doubt that. Give us a shout to learn more!

Responsive Layouts

The need for responsive website designs can no longer be overemphasized. Mobile responsiveness is one of the major ranking factors in Google.

In fact, responsive design is so important for performance and ranking that your website does not have any chance of ranking in top pages for any keyword if it does not have responsive designs.

A responsive website is a type of website that has the same “feel” on mobile devices (i.e. phones, tablets, etc) as it would on desktop computers.

As a leading website design company for small businesses within the region, we understand how important responsive designs are to user experience, conversion rate, lead generation, and overall website performance.

We use the latest website design technologies in creating elegant websites with responsive layout for your business.

SEO-Ready Website Pages

What separates a good website design company from a great one is not only good they are in creating aesthetic website designs, but how well they follow SEO best practices while building your website.

At The SEO Hive Digital Solutions, we’ll work with you to develop a custom SEO strategy that uses best practices for your business.

We pay close attention to your website structure, website URL, Core Web Vitals (such as CLS, LCP, and FID), and the overall user experience while building your website.

We’ll carry out website audit, keyword research, and competitive analysis to identify optimization GAPS we can exploit to increase your rank positions in Google and other search engines.

Our SEO service include On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Local SEO.

Why Hire Our Website Design Agency?

The truth is that you do not need to hire a website design company to set up a beautiful and responsive websites.

With advancement in technology and creation of content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Webflow, or Wix, you can create beautiful websites with on the fly.

The question now is, why should you work with our web design agency, especially when you can do this by yourself or best, get a freelance website designer to do the same?

Well, its quite simply, we go beyond what you can do by yourself or what your freelance website designer can do.

We provide free lifetime support, provide SEO, measure performance, optimize your conversion path, and help you increase your revenue. Still not sure if we are the right fit? Check our portfolio

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What you get when you hire our website design agency


Affordable Pricing

We offer the best and most affordable pricing for web design & development services in Canada. We understand that not all businesses can pay premium fees for website design which is why we have a pricing structure that works for everyone. No matter which stage your business is in, we have a web design pricing that fits your budget.

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Clear Navigation

Do you wonder why your visitors are not finding your landing pages or converting on your website? Beautiful designs alone do not guarantee a high performance. At The SEO Hive Digital Marketing Solutions, we do not just create aesthetic website designs, we also pay a close attention to your navigation and Call-to-Actions.

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Quallity Support

We do not leave you in the limbo without any form of support like some other website design companies do. We are available 24/7 support via emails, phone call, text messages, WhatsApp, and live chat to help with any technical or general issue with your website post-launch.

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Responsive Design

Since over 80% of online users access the internet from their mobile devices, it is important for your website to be responsive, i.e. respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on size, platform and orientation of their devices/screens. Additionally, responsive website design is so important that it is also considered a top ranking factor in Google.

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User Experience (UX)

User Experience does not only reduce website bounce rate, it is also a secondary ranking factor used by Google. From website speed to responsiveness, navigation, depth, and the actual design. As a leading website design company, we do not leave any stone unturned in creating a website that truly represents your brand.

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Custom Design

All websites are not the same and what works on an eCommerce website may not work on a portal or a basic company’s website. As a leading website design company in Canada, we analyze your products, services, brand, and customer person to fashion a custom website that your potential customers can connect with.

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Free Maintenance

There comes a time when you’ll want to publish an article, create a new landing page, or add a new feature/functionality to your website. We offer a free lifetime website maintenance for all of our clients who are on an active Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package. Please call us to see how it works.

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100% MoneyBack

Yes, just as it sounds! We put our money where our mouth is. We are the only website design company in Canada that offers a 100% MoneyBack with no questions asked. You will get all your money back if we fail to meet/exceed your expectation (something that has never happened in 4 years). Please read our terms and conditions.

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Website Design & Development Services
Custom Website Design

Many entrepreneurs have understood the advantage of having a custom-designed website.

It makes up part of your overall branding process and is what sets you apart from the rest which is why many companies request custom website design services.

Our custom-designed websites blends with your brand’s uniqueness.

The style, layout, colour, and overall structure all have a role to play in reflecting your business identity.

If you need a website design company for your business website, trust The SEO Hive Digital Solutions for your custom design.


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Real Estate Website Design

The role of a website in successful real estate agency building cannot be substituted.

Just by designing a website for your company, you get to put a major strategy in place for your business growth.

Since over 89% of new home buyers begin their search from the internet, a beautiful website is the first thing you need to run a successful agency.

Finally, you do not necessarily need a lot of resources to build a good website for your real estate agency. You only need to find the right and most affordable website design company.

The SEO Hive specializes in building the perfect website for real estate agencies.

We understand your niche as well as what you want. We will give you the best at the most affordable price.

Learn More About Our Realtor Marketing Here

Website for Accountants

As the world is advancing in technology, it gives various professions and businesses options to boost productivity in various ways. One of such ways is plugging into website design for accountants.

An accountant is an individual that handles and documents the financial and business transactions of a company. An accountant is usually also in charge of a company’s taxes and audits.

As an accountant, you might either decide to work in a company or an individually owned firm. This means that an accountant can be under a company as an accountant or be a freelancer. In both cases, online publicity is indeed necessary to grow your business.

To attract clients, with a vast audience at your disposal via the internet, a professional website becomes important. As said before, the world has become digital and traditional methods of marketing would not be sufficient.

Learn More About Our Website Design For Accountants Here.

If you plan to be relevant in your market niche and keep up with your competition, website design for accountants is inevitable.

For an accountant or accounting agency, not just any website would do. Hence, your website needs to speak volumes and be nothing short of exceptional.

Law Firm Website Design Service

Lawyers firm services should be the easiest to access. This is because of the client’s search for them in emergencies.

Your company website is your official online address. It is less difficult for your target audience to reach you online than your physical address.

5 Reasons You Need an Aesthetic Website for your Law Firm

  1. You break through the limitation that comes with location and distance.
  2. Your clients can reach you faster during emergencies.
  3. Easy consultation.
  4. Increased traffic and by implication, client base.
  5. It builds trust/ better professionalism

Looking for a website design company to get the job done for your law firm? Contact The SEO Hive Digital Solutions.

E-commerce Website Design

An e-commerce website is a type of website that is built to make the buying and selling of products and services possible over the Internet.

The major difference between a regular website and an e-commerce website is the online sales element. While a regular website is made up of mostly contents, an e-commerce website allows for the sales of goods and services.

Top 5 Essential features of an E-commerce website?

  1. Email Marketing features
  2. SEO Optimized Layout
  3. Live chat feature
  4. FAQ.
  5. High-Quality Videos and Photos
  6. Related Items Feature Based on Users Previous Searches
  7. Product Review

Getting a website design company has a huge role in the success of your e-commerce website. Start with a free consultation!

Dentist Website Design

Dental services are on-demand services offerings, i.e. potential clients are always looking for dentists and dental services provider close by.

So, where does anyone looking for anything, especially dental services go to? Well, your guess is as good as mine. So, how do you position yourself as a top brand?

Since dental services are huge local, i.e. most of your clientele are not living far away from your office location, therefore, you should start by listing the cities you service.

Additionally, you should establish yourself as a market leader and allow your audience to share your website content with their social networks.

If your Dentist website has been up but with poor ranking in search engines and conversion rates, then, you should update the content, increase your website speed, build links, optimize your on-page SEO, and more.

Looking for a dentist website designer in Canada & in the United States? Book a free strategy session!

Website Design for HVAC Contractors

Most HVAC contractors think of their website as an online brochure or repository.

In reality, your HVAC or plumbing website should be your virtual “sales rep”, capable of generating a consistent flow of valuable traffic.

Digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and can increase online visibility, but it is the quality of a website that converts visitors into paying customers.

With DIY website builders and content management systems like WordPress, Webflow, or Wix, it is you can build responsive websites on the fly. The question now is why do you need a website design company to help with your design?

As a leading website design company in Canada & in the U.S.A, we create appealing websites that will also engage your audience and convert them into paying customers.

Further, we implement best white hat SEO tactics that will guarantee top positions in Google for relevant keywords.

Since contractors’ goal is to increase sales, the direct correlation between web design and sales conversions should be enough to garner focus.

Website Design for Trucking Companies

The SEO Hive Digital Solutions offers trucking website design services for companies in the commercial transportation, trucking, or logistics industry.

We utilize the best website design techniques such as Webflow, Wix, WordPress, and search engine optimization (SEO) to develop websites that are easy to navigate, maintain, optimize, and rank in search engine results pages.

Conversion optimization is also important for trucking website. To do this, we test the landing pages of your website and place Call-to-Action buttons on strategic areas on your website.

Additionally, we track all sessions and events happening on your website with tracking tools such as Google Tag Manager & Google Analytic.

Do you have an existing website that is not performing well in terms of traffic, conversion, and rank in SEO, or are you considering building a website for your trucking business for the first time? Then you should talk to us!

Finally, in order to utilize your website to increase business, your website will include relevant contact information and a simple request for a quote form to allow customers to contact you if they are interested in your transportation services.


You can also learn more about our Trucking Marketing Sevice Here.

Wellness Website Design

If your website hasn’t been working for you in terms of quality and quantity of traffic, and lead generation, then, perhaps it’s time to consider a redesigning to tweak things up a bit.

First, you want to make sure that your wellness website is attractive and very responsive on all kinds of devices. Especially, since 38% of visitors disengage from unappealing websites.

Further, you should differentiate your websites from 500 other websites by avoiding cookie-cutter sites. A custom wellness website showcases your unique style, key selling propositions, and brand and it gives your roofing company a personality.

Also, you want to simplify your navigation so people are able to easily find what they are looking for. Establish yourself as a leader in your niche with quality content.

Post contact information in your various web pages, not just the contact page. Set up calls and events tracking on your website with Google Tag Manager & Google Analytic.

Showcase your work with a portfolio page. Need a wellness website design agency to help you put all these together? Give us a shout!

Our Website Design Portfolio
  • homepage 11 masonary 06
    Kaya Skin Care


  • homepage 11 masonary 01
    Herbal Beauty Salon


  • homepage 11 masonary 02
    Third Eye Glasses


  • homepage 11 masonary 09
    Tailoring Interior


  • homepage 11 masonary 07
    Reddot Media


  • homepage 11 masonary 03
    Black and White


  • homepage 11 masonary 04
    Design Blast


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More Web Services

Our website design company team has decades of experience in building high quality, affordable, and functional websites for small, medium, and large enterprises in Canada and beyond.

We use only the latest and proven web design technologies and programs in web design and hosting services.

Our 1 year free hosting service is also the best. We only use the best of breed server hardware, the most dependable network providers and the most up to date software programs available anywhere on the internet.

In addition your domain registration and website hosting, you will have a positive energy footprint on the environment as we replace, with wind power credits, 3 times the amount of energy your website will use.

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1 Year Free Domain Registration

Our website design service comes with a one year free domain name registration with SSL installed. You are also welcome to transfer your domain to us at no additional cost.

Free Website Migration

Looking to switch to The SEO His Web Hosting? Our professional website migration specialists will move your website, emails, databases, etc for you, free of charge.

1 Year Free Web Hosting

Did you say too much freebies? We say not nearly enough. Our website design service comes with a 1 year free premium website hosting. The hosting service comes with a unlimited web space, emails, databases, and more.

Advanced Security

We keep your websites secure with custom security rules & zero-day vulnerability fixes. Give us a shout to get started!

Did you know that you can get a website free at The SEO Hive?

We are about the only website design company that offer premium hosting services worth thousands of dollars free of charge. Book a free strategy session to learn more about our free website design. Below are some of the top features of our free website design services.

  • 100% Free Webiste
  • 12 Months Free Web Hosting
  • 12 Months Free Domain Registration
  • 12 Months Free Website Maintenance
  • 12 Months Free SSL
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Looking for a Website Design Company With Proven Results?

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