The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide

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Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide

There are different ways to market your products and each of these ways has a particular strategy that works best for it.

Since marketing is the process of finding new and creative ways to sell your products or services, you should understand that there are different strokes for different folks.

Nevertheless, digital marketing is one marketing system that works for all forms of businesses, regardless of the goods sold or services rendered.

What is digital marketing?

ultimate guide to digital marketingThe first meaning people deduce when they hear the term Digital Marketing is marketing online.

Digital marketing in its wholistic nature refers to any system of marketing that involves the use of digital electronics.

What I mean by digital electronics is any digitally powered device like; digital cameras, smartphones, television, electronic billboards, and so on.

Nevertheless, as new inventions are emerging, digital marketing is no longer used to refer to the technological method of marketing but the online system of marketing.

Digital marketing is a system of marketing that utilizes online and digital technologies.

It is the practice where a salesman promotes and sells certain products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics.

Just like the aim of marketing is to increase sales by adopting promotional ideas, digital marketing is promoting your brand using online marketing tactics like; social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, and so on.

What are the basics of Digital Marketing?

There are several fundamental aspects of digital marketing and each is extremely effective and capable of reaching a very large audience.

1. Search engine marketing (SEM)

SEM is a method of digital advertising that involves bidding for your advert to be shown on the keywords search results page.

The keywords result Page which your ad appears on is those that are related to your business or the services you offer.

In search engine marketing, advertisers bid to get their ads displayed in the search engine results page of business-related keywords.

Unlike search engine optimization, search engine marketing helps ads run faster and drives sales conversion within the shortest period of time.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the practice of putting certain factors in place to get your websites to rank in search engine result pages (SERP).

The whole process of SEO is to ensure that you do all it takes to work with search engine analytics to supercharge your website.

It is the practice of improving organic visibility or unpaid search engine results.

There are certain factors to be considered in search engine optimization. The whole process is targeted at getting your website to rank top in search engines.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is the process of using electronic mails to promote your brand by sharing information about your goods or services.

It is one of the most affordable and yet very effective forms of marketing.

Properly done email marketing is capable of turning prospects into customers by driving sales conversion.

How to market via email

Successfully marketing via email requires some essential step-by-step guide which begins from building your mailing list.

Build your mailing list

By building your mailing list, you get to gather your audience contacts after requesting for it.

It is important for you to naturally build your email list rather than acquire contacts from purchases.

Your email list is your ticket to reaching your target audience. It can be used to send out campaigns, promotions.

The reason for letting your mailing list grow naturally is because it guarantees that you are targeting the right audience who are interested in the products you sell and the services you render.

There are certain tips to help you grow your mailing list

Use Lead magnets

Lead magnets are free items or services given out to prospective customers away for the purpose of gathering contact, for example; newsletters.

Organized giveaways

It doesn’t have to be something very big; you just need to get their attention to by giving out free items that require they put their contacts before receiving.

It could be a free e-book or a coupon that requires dropping your contacts before accessing what you have for them.

Construct a good call to action on your website that will make people want to take quick action.

   4.  Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves using various networking sites to create awareness or communicate your products or services to a large audience.

Social media is an effective marketing tool that is widely used to create awareness.

5. Content marketing

This has become a widely used tool in digital marketing.

It is widely used because content marketing does not just lead to sales conversion but it leads to brand loyalty.

Content marketing involves optimizing content to improve webpage visibility.

In marketing content, you need to ensure that it is one your audience will find valuable as value attracts.

Contents are not only limited to written articles alone. There are several types of content.

Video contents- This is using graphical or moving images to communicate an idea. Video contents are eye-catching and capable of unconsciously influencing the audience’s buying decision.

Infographics- Infographics entails using graphics to communicate an idea or information. It is a very appealing type of content because of the visual nature of it.

Blog posts- A blog post is a regularly written article which most frequently is presented with a little informal language.

Reviews- This is a Content written in form of a copy most times and is aimed at either guiding the buying decision of an audience or influencing it positively towards purchasing a product or service.

What is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Firstly, to completely understand what digital marketing strategy is, we must first understand the marketing strategy itself.

Marketing strategy simply put is the tactical approach of any organization, business, or even entrepreneurs to further understand and determine the needs and wants of their customers in other to make marketing more effective.

Adding the word ‘digital’ to the term opens up a whole new perspective to marketing strategy.

Digital marketing strategy is a plan that helps an organization, business, or entrepreneur to achieve specific tasks through the use of various forms of media outlets.

Marketing channels are mainly used in digital marketing;

1. Owned Media

Owned media encompasses a digital marketing channel that a company has total control over, such as their branded website and social media.

Owned media consists of things like;

-Email Marketing campaigns like newsletters

-Blogs and other owned contents

-Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

2. Earned Media

This is any post written about your establishment that you did not create, write, or post yourself.

This type of media is usually published by a third party although there are ways a business, establishment or entrepreneur can position himself for earned media.

3. Paid Media

Paid media is a piece of advertising that is placed on a platform with a different owner.

Simply put it means placing an advert on someone else’s website, blog, or even social media page.

It is widely referred to as an ‘Ad’ which is short for advertisement.

Paid media is good because the advertisement is placed in a place with a large amount of traffic so the information is received by a wide range of people.

How Can I Get More Traffic To My Website?

Increasing website traffic is a factor of effective digital marketing practice. To get your website more visitors, there is no alternative route that works better than SEO.

This begins from the point of setting up your website to publishing content on it.

Asides from this, there are other ways to get more traffic to your website.

  1. Taking advantage of sending emails to your Email List
  2. Utilizing social media platforms by sharing your content and pointing them to your website.
  3. Write high-quality guest posts
  4. Join a forum and contribute meaningfully
  5. Start creating Infographics as they blow up easily, especially on Pinterest.

Does Digital Marketing truly work?

We are at a point in society where every basic thing is becoming digital and drastic improvements are made in these areas, digital marketing isn’t any different.

Online buying is becoming increasingly popular in the world and why not?! It is very convenient.

According to Forbes, 82% of consumers conduct research online. And, Tech Crunch reports that 79% of people shop online.

There are a lot of people doing various things on the internet daily, and they are in fact potential customers this can truly be achieved through digital marketing.

The following are a few reasons why digital marketing is very effective:

1. It is very cost-effective: when it comes to traditional marketing it is a bit difficult for small businesses to compete with larger ones, however, with digital marketing it becomes easier as there isn’t any limit and it is cheaper compared to traditional marketing.

2. Measurable Performance: as far as marketing is concerned, digital marketing is unrivaled when it comes to measurement of statistics, with various ROI statistics at your fingertips performance measurement is a breeze.

3. Access to numerous people with minimal effort: the internet has numerous users daily and with just a single post, you can reach out to many users very fast and simultaneously.

4. Easy Adaptability: unlike magazines and newspapers where you have to wait for periods of time to see the results, digital marketing gives more in-the-moment reports which allow for timely adjustments in approach.

As you can see, there are many advantages of digital marketing that will transform your business in positive ways, so it’s a very crucial tool in marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

Some digital marketing professionals would give a different list of the types of digital marketing. Nevertheless, there are two broad types of digital marketing which houses the others.

They are; paid digital marketing and organic digital marketing.

1. Paid digital marketing

Paid digital marketing refers to the systems of marketing that would cost you money to pull off.

Most of the time, paid digital marketing is extremely affordable and presents a lot of benefits to your business. Some paid digital marketing types are;

Affiliate Marketing

This is the monetization of the word of mouth marketing, essentially carried out online.

An affiliate marketer is one who earns a commission (either monetary or other forms of compensation) by promoting products from a client. Affiliate marketers are mostly influencers or people who have a reasonable number of followers.

When products or services are recommended to an audience by someone who is commissioned to do so mostly by writing reviews or testimonials about it, that is affiliate marketing.

Google PPC

Pay per click is a system of advertising where advertisers pay each time someone clicks on their online advertisement.

It is a very good method of advertising as you do not get to pay if no one clicks on your advert copy.

Google Display

Display adverts can also be called banner ads, and they are a system of pay per click ads which appears on different websites

So a user just visited a webpage, scanned through the products and services, and exited. With Google display, the advert from that website would be shown to you on the next website you visit.

It is used to drive sales conversion through persuasion by keeping your products or service in the mind of the user.

Video Marketing

Nearly all businesses have used videos for marketing purposes. Humans are drawn by what they see and if it is something appealing to the eyes, you instantly trigger their interest.

Video marketing is using videos to promote your brand and increasing engagement on your social media as well as your website.

The modern way people carry out video marketing is through social media sponsored advertisements.

Also, have you ever streamed a movie on YouTube, and you were interrupted by a video ad? Now that’s video marketing, creating videos to drive sales.

Social Media Marketing

You cannot talk about digital marketing without mentioning social media marketing.

These days, nearly everyone is on social media and what this means is a larger audience.

Social Media Marketing is leveraging on networking sites to promote your business or brand by increasing audience awareness.

Earlier, I mentioned Social Media sponsored advertisements. There is barely any social media platform that doesn’t run advertisements. Through this means, you can reach as many people as possible and not just that but reach the right audience.

  1. Organic digital marketing

This is the type of digital marketing that is unpaid for and has a long term impact on your business’s online presence. Organic Digital Marketing consists of;

  • SEO

Search engine optimization does to a website what oxygen does to the human body. It brings life to the website.

Of what use is it creating a website without it getting noticed? That would definitely be a waste. This is why SEO is fundamental for every website.

As much as no one knows the exact criteria for ranking top on search engine result page, professionals have been able to crack that code by studying their algorithms.

To optimize your site, there are a few tricks you should learn.

  • Ensure it is user-friendly: This means that users would not have a hard time making use of your website.
  • Take note of Keywords synonyms: Google is smarter than you think. When creating content on your website, be mindful of some keywords that most times are associated with that topic. Google uses it to display results to searchers.
  • Use short paragraphs for your content
  • Optimize your URL and consider shortening it
  • Optimize your images by inserting your keywords
  • Ensure that your website is quick to load so you don’t drive customers away.
  • Local SEO

Local SEO follows the normal optimization process, only it is focused on local searches. To get listed in local searches. You should register your business with Google my business.

Once you do this, when searchers are looking for a business like yours, your business is included in the search results.

  • Content Management

You might be a little confused seeing the phrase ’content management’. It is not different from what you understand as content marketing.

It is the process of publishing a valuable piece of information through any media. It is the sum total of activities from creating to publishing. The stages are;

  • Creating- this is the stage in which the content is composed. It can be the first draft stage.
  • Organizing- after creating your content, you should optimize it.
  • Editing- this stage is where you check for errors or updating old information
  • Storing
  • Publishing- the content is then delivered to the user after passing through the previous stages.
  • Social Media Management

Social media management is the system of maintaining a good social media presence.

The process involves formulating a technique which is aimed at creating and distributing contents for social media profiles.

It also involves posting content and engaging with your audience hence, building a large community.

  • Reputation Management

Reputation management is the action taken to affect the way people think of a brand, especially when viewed online.

A brand with a good reputation tends to attract more customers because they get to like and trust them.

It is a technique used to grow your business within the shortest period of time and gives you both long and short term benefits.

A reputable business does not struggle to get customers as referrals would make a huge part of their marketing strategy. Also, any marketing tool they make use of always yields the best results.

Building a reputation is a gradual and continuous process as there are certain things that should be put in place.

  1. Get on as many social media platforms as you can. Most businesses have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram.
  2. Be active on these accounts. Do not just open them and ignore, you should be able to post regularly and interact with your audience.
  3. Do not get into arguments online or throw banners at anyone. This will affect your reputation.
  4. Apologize when you are wrong and accept responsibility for your actions
  5. Ensure every information you post is factual. This means you have to verify all information before posting on your page.

Who Needs Digital Marketing Services?

Every business or brand needs digital marketing services to solidify their online presence.

There is no written rule on who requires digital marketing services. As long as you are involved in the selling of any sort, you should infuse digital marketing to your marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing does not only increase awareness of a business, it grows the business. This is because when used properly, you can target the right audience, unlike the traditional form that makes it slightly difficult to target your audience.

Any business in this current age that doesn’t leverage digital marketing strategies is heading in the wrong direction.

Hence, digital marketing is the foundation of business growth in this present competitive society.

How is digital marketing important to your business?

These days, you can barely carry out any form of marketing without adopting digital technology; otherwise, your business would remain stagnant.

Digital Marketing helps you reach a wider audience than you can possibly do with traditional marketing strategies.

To cut the story short, it helps you target the right audience simultaneously and has the capacity to track your marketing performance.

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Anything worth doing is worth doing excellently well.

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