Top Internet Marketing Company Winnipeg

Top Internet Marketing Company Winnipeg

Internet marketing company, really?

No doubt that internet marketing, otherwise known as digital marketing has come to stay.

For example, in 2018 alone, 12% of all retail sales globally were completed online. Check out these mind blowing internet marketing stats.

The internet, since it’s early days has transformed how information is shared, and recently, how we buy and sell.

At the heart of this explosive market are internet marketing companies.

In this piece, we shall be trying to explain everything you need to know about internet marketing, types of online marketing, how to choose an internet marketing company, and why you should choose The SEO Hive for your internet marketing services.

But first, let us discuss internet marketing.

What is Internet Marketing?

Top-Rated internet marketing company winnipeg

Also known as digital marketing or online marketing, it is the process of promoting a product or services and a business or brand to a “relevant or” target audience for the purpose of driving traffic, leads, and sales over the internet.

Internet marketing is a broad term.

It is a “universal set” of online marketing strategies and tactics such as Web design, search engine optimization, etc.

Internet marketing has become increasingly competitive mainly due to two reasons:

  1. Search engines such as Google continue to invent newer ways to ranking websites.
  2. More businesses are looking to sell more on the internet.

Why is online marketing important?

According to a 2019 report by Google, 84% of Americans are shopping for something at every given point in time and 75% of people have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design.

The internet has become a huge market where someone physically located in Asia can sell his products and/or services to individuals or businesses in North America which is practically impossible or difficult with the traditional marketing approach.

Since the problem facing small businesses is finding new markets, online marketing opens businesses to unlimited opportunities for sales and revenue growth.

What is an internet marketing company?

An internet marketing company can simply be defined as a business or company that offers internet marketing solutions such as email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, web design & development, pay per click solutions, etc.

Online marketing agencies also provide services such as online business development, competitive analysis, eCommerce product development and marketing, consumer behavior & keyword research, etc.

Why Do I need an online marketing company?

Can you have a DIY approach to internet marketing? Yes, you can.

However, internet marketing has evolved into a mega marketing channel with hundreds of touchpoints that drive sales.

Identifying these touchpoints, creating user persona, optimizing web pages, increasing website conversion, and targeting the right audience requires some level of expertise that you may not pose or have the time to learn.

Web marketing agencies often have a team of business developers, online marketers, content writers, product specialists, web developers, etc that are dedicated to helping you grow your business online.

How to identify a top internet marketing company?

Does internet marketing work? Absolutely.

Why should I be mindful of the agency I work with? Because online marketing is not cheap, simple.

With increased online competition comes increased spending and only a few individuals and businesses are truly satisfied with the kind of results they get from the marketing agency they currently working with.

The agencies are either underdelivering on their promises or not responsive enough which is very frustrating and forcing a lot of businesses to close down.

In fact, available statistics show that 42% of small businesses fail because they couldn’t reach their target market online/offline.

Finding a good internet marketing agency can be daunting but not impossible. Here are 5 quick ways to find a good digital marketing agency to work with.

  1. Check out their online review to hear what people say about them.
  2. Check out their portfolio pages to see their previous work.
  3. Check their team members out on Linkedin to have an idea of how experienced their team is.
  4. See how they rank for their own keywords – an internet marketing company in Winnipeg should appear in Google #1 when you check out the keyword.
  5. Reach out to one or two of their current or previous clients and ask what their experience with the agency.
  6. Don’t always go with ridiculously cheap agencies – if a digital marketing package seems too good to be true, it’s often because it is not true.

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Finding the right internet marketing company to work with can be hassle-free.

The SEO Hive is a full internet marketing company located in Winnipeg, Canada. We offer internet marketing services to individuals and businesses across North America.

Since inception in 2019, we have helped 10s of businesses achieve better results online via quality web traffic, leads, and sales generation and revenue growth.

Our team of experts is always available to walk you through custom solutions that will take your business to the next level.

Talk to us today to learn all about our affordable digital marketing solutions.

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