SEO for Dentists: Top Dental SEO Tips & Strategies

seo for dentists

Getting patients for your dental clinic can be so daunting when you don’t know your way around effective SEO for Dentists.

For you to be able to successfully pull through, you need to set up an optimized business website.

As a Dentist, it is quite useful to have your corporate website for a variety of reasons.

The dental sector may not be as highly competitive as other health care areas.

However, most people undergo a series of research before patronage.

Hence, you should look towards having a business website as well as optimizing it.

4 Reasons Why You Should a Website for Your Dental Practice

seo tips for dentistsOne of the questions we get to answer a lot of times is what is the role of a good website in SEO for dentists?

There are a variety of reasons why a dentist should have a corporate website ranging from revenue increase to better professionalism.

A few of these reasons are;

1 There is No Dentist SEO Without a Website

There must be a website for any optimization to be carried out, it’s that simple.

SEO for dentists also called dental SEO or dentist SEO is a type of SEO that focuses on optimizing a dentist’s website or dental practice’s website for the purpose of ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing for relevant keywords. If done correctly, SEO for dentists can increase your dental practice’s website’s visibility in search engines, clicks, and leads.

2. It Helps With Digital Marketing:

This is quite self-explanatory. Having a website is a very important part of digital marketing as the internet has several users worldwide.

A good number of these users would potentially do business with you.

Although digital marketing is possible without having a website, the benefit is usually very minimal.

Hence, a website might just be what you need to take your business to the next level.

3. It Helps With Inquiries

Sometimes, your prospective audience might need information about your dental clinic before visiting physically.

This is available on your corporate website; it would make new customers more interested in your services.

4. Your Rivals Have Websites

We are currently are in a digital age. Almost everything has become digitalized meaning almost all businesses have a website.

Not having a website only makes your dental clinic seem smaller, reduces professionalism, and makes you lose customers.

With these facts above, it is safe to say that a corporate website is a necessity for every dentist.

What Are Some Best free Website Builders to Improve SEO for Dentists?

dentist seo servicesNow that you’re familiar with why corporate websites are important for dentists, you might be wondering “what is the next step?”

That’s simple! Building your corporate website comes next and doing that is easier with the use of a website builder.

Website builders are tools that allow an individual or business to construct a website whilst bypassing the coding required to pull off this feat.

They are intended for individuals or organizations to build their private sites.

There are quite a few website builders some are free and some aren’t free.

However, we would be listing a few free website builders. It

  1. Webnode
  2. Wix
  3. Weebly
  4. Ucraft
  5. Webstarts
  6. Jimdo
  7. Site123
  8. GoDaddy
  9. Webflow
  10. Mozello
  11. Strikingly

Using one of these free website builders would enable you to build a corporate website for your small business in no time at all.

Why Is SEO For Dentists Important for Growth?

top seo tips for dentistsAfter building your dental website, it would be a waste if you fail to optimize it.

Adopting search engine optimization (SEO) in improving your website traffic is highly important for many reasons.

1. It Increases Website Traffic

By traffic, I mean that so many visitors would access your page regularly.

This is so because your audience can easily find you when they are searching for dental services.

For example, a user searches for a dental care service and your website is well optimized for search engines.

The probability of your website appearing top on the search engine results page (SERP) is high.

Since most users are not patient enough to go beyond the first page, they are most likely to visit yours.

2. It Helps You Rank Higher Than Your Competitors in SERP

There is most likely a ton of other dental clinics around you.

Again, they have their websites and you have to compete with them to get these shared audiences to choose you.

The best way to do this is through SEO.

SEO focuses on increasing your website visibility and giving you the chance to rank top on the SERPs.

If you put in a lot of work to correctly optimizing your website, you are most likely to rank number one.

Ranking higher than your competitors gives you a better chance to convert sales.

This is because most visitors try out the top website first when they search.

They may not proceed to yours if they are content with the solution from the first website they click.

For example, you are trying to rank for the keyword; “Calgary Dental services”, there are some things to be done.

SEO requires you to correctly use the keyword in your content or webpage, apply it to your URL, Meta description, and images if there are any.

Following this process is great for ranking top.

Nevertheless, for you to outdo your competitors in SEO, there are so many things you should work on.

You can begin from the technical aspect of your website (the point of building it.

Then, it extends to the features and processes carried out on your website as well as outside your website.

3. Faster Conversions

Dental business growth with the help of SEO can be gotten through two major ways.

The first is as a result of the visitors who find you daily. Once you start getting a lot of visitors on your page, you ought to put things in place to encourage sales.

If your services are persuasive and inviting enough, a good percentage of these visitors are likely to indulge you.

Secondly, for every job well done, your customer might refer to another person who needs similar services.

This is very popular among people, especially when it comes to offering services.

Most times, people want third-party reviews too. In this case, as you get clients from your website, your clients get more clients for you.

That’s a very good deal!

4. Gives You Deeper Insight into Your Audience

Good Dentist SEO practice encourages you to learn about what your audience is interested in by following trends.

This is why you do not just use keywords you feel might be good.

You need to do a lot of research in your niche and find out if that is what your audience wants.

You can use Google trends to see what is trending in your niche, Google keyword planner or ubbersuggest, and other keywords research tools to see the trending keywords you can use.

Ensure that you are fully aware of what exactly your audience wants.

How to Carry out SEO for Dentists

There are so many SEO ranking factors to look out for if you want your dental website to rank top on search engines like Google.

However, you will not do too well in SEO if the major factors below are not taken seriously.

Some of the major SEO ranking factors for dentist websites are:

1. Valuable Content

The role of Content Marketing in SEO for dentists cannot be overemphasized. Generally, website visitors engage more with valuable content.

The good news is that Google monitors the time that users stay on your website.

The longer they stay, the more Google shows the content to a lot more people because of the value given to the audience.

There are few steps to get this done;

Step one: Research keywords your audience is interested in.

Step two: Look for the synonyms of those keywords using the latent semantic index (LSI) search.

Step three: Write valuable content around those keywords and insert your LSIs.

They help Google understand better what your content is about.

Step four: Add your keyword to your titles, meta description, URL, and other necessary parts of your content.

Step five: Add images, it increases your chances of ranking top on the SERPs.

2. Good Internal Links

How best can you link the pages on your website? It is easy!

All you need to do is search for related and helpful articles on your website and link to your new articles.

It increases your website traffic when you link your pages. For example, you write content on; “how to brush your teeth correctly”.

If there is another content you wrote on something related to brushing, you can find a way to link it.

As your audience reads the current content, they may want additional information that is contained in your next article.

This means you have killed two birds with one stone.

3. Backlinking/ Inbound Links

Linkbuilding is an important component of SEO for dentists.

A backlink also called an inbound link is a link in a particular website that leads to another website when clicked.

They are a very powerful tool in SEO as it is used as a page rank factor.

If you get a lot of backlinks, your website authority would increase and ranking becomes a lot easier for you. To get backlinks you can;

  • Build broken links
  • Sign up to forums like Quora and get forum links
  • Contact writers and journalists to cite your contents
  • Guest posting

5. Guest Posting

A huge way to drive traffic to your website is to get a highly reputable website, write a valuable post, and get the chance to have a link to your website on the post.

Guest posting might not be easy to get but it is definitely worth the try.

Hence, you can start by sending a guest post request to health blogs and websites. It is a great way to get clients.

5. Work on Responsiveness & Website Speed

A responsive website should be able to fit the size of a phone screen when a phone is used to search.

It is one major ranking factor. Ensure that the website you build is responsive.

Similarly, the speed of your website is highly important. If your website takes too long to load, you might lose visitors.

How Can I Apply My Keyword To My Dental Website?

The best SEO for dentists requires that your keywords appear on your website for easy visibility.

The best way to achieve this is to make use of local keywords.

For example, if you have a dental clinic in Toronto your keyword can be; “Dental clinic in Toronto.” However, it should be done after adequate research.

You should rank for different keywords on each page of your website, especially through content optimization.

There are specific places you need to include your keywords for better SEO results.

  1. Meta tag- Your Meta tag provides Google with information about your page. This is why it is great to have your keyword in it.
  2. Header tags- These are tags used to separate the different headings on a webpage for easy readability. They usually range from H1-H6.
  3. Alternate tags- Used majorly to describe what is in an image. You should include your keywords in your image alternate tags.
  4. Meta description- This is simply a summary of your webpage. It is the small note that appears underneath your webpage name when displayed on the SERPs.
  5. URL- You can even include it in your domain name for better results.

Final notes - SEO for dentists

SEO for dentists is an essential marketing factor necessary to increase sales and ensure rapid growth.

Any dentist who doesn’t have a website is at risk of losing existing clients and missing out on prospects.

To get started, we can help you build an affordable website for your business.

If you already have a dental website, you should try auditing your website for better SEO results.

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