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We provide top-notch SEO services for lawyers
Our results speak for themselves. We help our Law Firm SEO clients dominate position 1 for some of their most competitive search phrases. We can do the same for your business!
End-to-End Lawyer SEO Solution

We provide complete SEO services for law firms. From Search Engine Optimization to Pay Per Click, Conversion Rate Optimization, Web Design & Development, CRM Management, Social Media Marketing, etc. We provide an end-to-end digital marketing experience for our lawyer clients.

Decades of Experience Helping Law Firms

It is not unusual for people to want to work with a law firm SEO company that has a proven experience in digital marketing for lawyers. In fact, many of our clients choose us because of our decades of experience in law firm SEO. Whether you run a small law firm or a big corporation, we have a custom SEO solution for everyone.

We Guarantee100% Net Promoter Score

We are about the only lawyer SEO company with a 100% net promoter score. We have a team of law firm SEO experts who will be directly involved in making sure that you outrank your competitors in search engines. We always work to surpass your expectations at The SEO Hive Digital Marketing Solutions.

Looking for a Law Firm SEO Services Provider with a Comprehensive SEO Solutions for Attorneys?

We provide law firm SEO services that get results
Is your law firm SEO provider doing guess-SEO?

You probably should change your current law firm SEO services provider if this is the first time you’ll hear about the following:

Did you know that 96% of all people who are looking for legal advice use a web search engine?

Did you also know that about 75% of those people will never scroll past page one for any given keyword or search term?

If your website is not in the top 3 search results for your top keywords, then you are not yet getting the best results and should book a free strategy session with us!

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The SEO Hive Digital Marketing Solutions will help you to attract qualified leads who are interested in your services. Our lawyer SEO services are designed to help lawyers increase their organic positions in search engines and to get more leads to their business.

Law Firm SEO Service Blueprint
Features of Our Award-Winning Lawyer SEO Services
Local SEO

Get found in Google and in other business directories by local searchers

Link Building

Outrank the competition with our top-notch link building service.

On-Page SEO

We optimize all your law firm site’s On-page elements to improve rank.

Full Website Audit

We analyze your law firm website to find new SEO opportunities.

Content Optimization

We optimize your law firm website’s content in order to increase site engagement & lead conversion on your site.

CTR Optimization

Increase the percentage of users who perform a desired action on your law firm website with our CTR

Keyword Research

We find the phrases your potential clients are searching Google with and rank your law firm website for those terms & more.

Customer Support

We are reachable 24/7 every day! Feel free to reach out to us by phone, email, text messages, WhatsApp, or Live Chat

Looking for a Law Firm SEO Services Provider with a Comprehensive SEO Solutions for Attorneys?

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How to Audit an Attorneys' Websites?



A 404 error on a website means that a page on the site is not found and can hurt your SEO. Therefore, you should use the broken link checker to find broken links on your site and remove them.



While backlinks are very important to how your website ranks in Google, poor ones can hurt your rank and get you delisted in Google which is why you must never get links from spammy sources.



On-page SEO is also important to Google for page rank. Some of the factors you should analyze for on-page are page Titles, Description, Image Alt, Image Size, CLS score, Content length, etc.



Keyword density is the percentage of the number of times a keyword appears on a webpage divided by the total word count. This number should not be more than 5% for optimum performance.

How we rank law firm websites higher & better in search engines, e.g. Google

Our SEO Strategies for Lawyers & Attorneys

Either from a phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop, people are searching for your services at every given point in time.

The question then is how do you get in front of the right people every time they search for your service(s)?

Here we share the top 6 things you must do to improve your law firm SEO and get more leads to your business:

1. Website: everything starts with a website.

Therefore, your website must have a good user experience, mobile responsive, fast, and bespoke to convert visitors.

2. Keyword Optimization: many businesses are not having much joy with SEO because they are ranking for the wrong keywords.

We help you find the transactional terms your visitors are searching Google with and rank for them.

3. On-page Optimization: We optimize your on-page SEO signals to improve website rank.

4. Link Building: Link building is an important SEO rank factor & you can hardly rank for competitive keywords with them. So, go get them.

5. Blog, Blog, and Blog: blogging helps you to keep your website which is good for SEO.

6. Local SEO: did you know that 72% of consumers that did a local search visited a store/office within five miles. Therefore, find those local keywords & rank for them!

Start Ranking Your Law Firm Website
High an expert for your next Legal SEO Campaign

With most consumers searching exclusively online for a lawyer, ranking higher than your competitors in search engines takes more than keyword optimization or on-page SEO. The SEO hive can help your law firm be found online by your best prospective clients, get in touch with us online, or call +1-639-999-1447. Boom a free strategy session to get started.

Law firm SEO Services

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Law firm Keyword Research and Optimization Services

Law firm Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Looking for a Law Firm SEO Services Provider with a Comprehensive SEO Solutions for Attorneys?

Key Ranking Factors for Law Firm SEO Marketing

The idea that SEO ends with keyword density, meta description, and meta title is no longer relevant. SEO involves many parts that rely on each other for optimal performance.

As you incorporate law firm SEO strategies into your marketing plan, you’ll want to benchmark your success, i.e. measure your website performance and conversion.

Benchmarking your website can include measuring your website traffic, top pages, number of inbound links, conversion, etc.

You can find a wealth of information in Google Analytics and the Google Search Console, and you can monitor your Domain Authority score and much more.

Considerations of SEO for Lawyers

When someone searches for, say “lawyers in Winnipeg” or “lawyers in my city” does your website appear between #1 – #3 in search engine results pages?

If not, then what can you do to get your website in the first three results in Google for those relevant keywords to your service?

SEO improves your organic search engine rankings, which makes it more likely that potential customers will land on your page and become customers.

You can choose to undertake an SEO campaign yourself or enlist the help of a professional SEO firm for lawyers like The SEO Hive, to help supercharge your law firm rank.

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Tayo Olayinka

From our Head of Marketing

What people say

I wanted to hire the best and after looking at several other SEO companies, I knew Tayo was the perfect guy for the job. He is a true professional.


Trust us we wasted thousands of dollars on online marketing with other agencies before we found The SEO Hive. They are the best SEO firm for lawyers, no doubt.


This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us in creating our website.


Finding the right SEO agency for lawyers is like finding a middle in a haystack. We stumbled on The SEO Hive a year ago and have never looked back


A friend referred me to The SEO Hive. The most interesting thing for me about their digital marketing services was its affordability.


Been working with them for 18 months and they are the best SEO agency we've ever worked with. They know how to get things done. Kudos!


Looking for a Law Firm SEO Services Provider with a Comprehensive SEO Solutions for Attorneys?


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