Facebook Lead Ads Tips For Your Gyms in 2021

facebook lead ads tips for fitness centers

Fitness entrepreneur: I know Facebook lead ads work in generating leads to grow my client base but I don’t know how to get around it.

Digital Marketing expert: Generating leads via Facebook ads successfully is not so difficult.

However, you need to understand the processes involved to benefit from it.

What are lead magnets?

A lead magnet is a free item or incentive which is given out to entice the audience in exchange for their contact information.

Put simply, a lead magnet is a marketing strategy used to get audience contact information in exchange for a gift.

Examples of lead magnets could be free e-books, trial subscriptions, free consultations, and even coupons.

As much as a lot of marketers know what lead magnets are, some still have ill luck because of wrong usage strategies.

A lead magnet is a marketer’s ticket to following up on a prospective audience.

If you want to get your audience’s email address or contact information, it is difficult to get it by asking directly.

When there is a mouth-watering offer attached, your audience will dive at it.

Hence, a lead magnet is a strategy that helps you pull in leads.

It is easy to know what lead magnets are.

Now, you should learn about how best they can be adopted and used to produce impressive results.

Qualities of High Converting Facebook Lead Ads Magnets

facebook lead ads tips in 2021For your lead magnet to perform well, there are certain qualities it should possess.

Firstly, your lead magnet should be targeted at addressing and solving a problem your audience is faced with-

Think of a problem around your niche and find a solution that would get your audience interested.

If you are writing an e-book or organizing a course, let them address the identified problems.

Secondly, it should be as specific as possible- Your audience needs to be sure about what your gift is. Reveal exactly what offer awaits them

Thirdly, it must be as comprehensive as possible – If you really want to get as many leads as possible, ensure the instructions are clear and concise.

Fourthly, it should not be void of value. Your audience should be drawn by the value they perceive and happy with the value derived from it.

Lastly, make it instant- It should be something they can access and make use of at the moment.

They should not wait too long to get the price.

Selecting a Suitable Lead Magnet for Facebook Ads

To create a lead magnet that converts, you need to be knowledgeable about the type best suited for your business.

  1. Free Trial

This lead magnet strategy is popular with apps and software. It gives the audience the chance of getting a period of unpaid service.

Free trials can also come in the form of free product samples to your target audience.

A physical fitness center can also adopt this strategy by giving a period of free trial to an interested audience.

This would spur them to take the next step (paying for the gym fee).

  1. E-Books

This is a very common lead magnet. You can either decide to write a helpful e-book or share a PDF document.

Ensure the e-book is centered on a topic that interests your audience. Pick a very interesting title as this is what insights audience attention.

Getting leads using this strategy as a fitness center requires that you write an e-book on the subject. It should contain valuable and sought after information.

  1. Email courses

Some courses can be organized via email and those interested would be required to fill out their email addresses. This is another great way to generate leads.

For those who want fitness or diet training tips, you can organize an email course and run Facebook lead ads.

During this period, you should use CTAs which would encourage them to register in your fitness center.

  1. Planners

A planner is a step-by-step guide to achieving a goal. Your audience fitness journey requires planning.

Why not create an exercise or diet plan and gift it to your audience? It makes their journey easier, gets them to like you, and entrust you with their contact information.

  1. Video series

Nothing screams “Grab this opportunity!” than a fitness video series. No one would want to pass up on the offer.

Every business type can use video series in their niche to generate leads. It is more like organizing a practical video course.

Best Tools for Creating Facebook Lead Ads Magnets

If you don’t have so much graphic design experience, there are simple to use tools you can take advantage of.

  1. Canva- This is every beginner’s best friend. It has a lot of templates to pick from and modify if you don’t want to design from the scratch.
  2. Google Docs
  3. Pinterest- Although you cannot use Pinterest to create designs for your lead magnet, you can get inspiration from it. All you need to do is pin multiple images of what you like and refer to them when creating.

PART TWO: What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Most websites use lead magnets to generate leads. Nevertheless, you can also generate leads via Facebook lead ads.

Since Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites, it is great for lead generation.

Facebook Lead ads allow advertisers to collect information from prospects directly from the platform. How does it work?

So I decide to run a Facebook campaign with the aim of generating leads for my fitness center.

All I need to do is prepare my ad and when my target audience clicks on it, a form appears for them to fill out.

The good part is that I select the questions to put on the form.

Once my audience fills out the form and clicks on submit, their contact information is saved. They can proceed to my website to collect their gift.

Indirectly, this means that I get more leads as well as generate traffic for my website. Sounds good right?

Structuring your Facebook lead ads campaign

A Facebook lead ad, just like every other requires proper strategizing.

An ideal campaign is one that has a clearly defined target audience and is capable of engaging this target audience.

It is also one that should be able to produce an expected result which in this case is generating leads.

A well-structured campaign should include the following;

Goals: It should be clearly stated what the goal is i.e. what is your aim of setting up the ad and what do you hope to achieve.

Road map: it is not just enough to state the goal of the campaign.

There should also be a mapped out plan on how you intend to go about achieving the goal you have set.

This is what determines your call to action. A well-drawn road map shows the entire process you intend to follow in a step-by-step list.

This helps to ensure that mistakes are not made and the goal is achieved at the end.

Target audience: It is also important to state who your target audience is i.e. the people you intend to reach through your campaign.

Targeting the audience helps determine how to go about the campaign to ensure the message is tailored to meet their needs.

It also helps decide the best lead magnet to use in lead generation.

Budget: Identifying the above listed would help to determine your budget and what is needed to fund your campaign.

Why Should I use Facebook Lead Ads?

It is not out of place to want to learn about the benefits your fitness center would derive from Facebook lead ads.

  1. It helps you save money- Compared to other online and traditional ads, running a lead ad on Facebook is a lot cheaper.
  2. Facebook made provision for varying CTAs- This simply means that the call-to-action buttons on your lead ad depend on the purpose. Some examples are; Subscribe (for newsletters and other special offers), download (e-books, PDF, etc.), Sign up (Coupons and special deals).
  3. It is mobile friendly hence, wider reach- A lot of your audience use their mobile phones to surf the net. Using Facebook is a lot easier to target a wide audience since it is mobile friendly.
  4. It is very easy to download your leads via Facebook

How Can I Access My Facebook Ad Leads?

You can easily download the leads generated from your Facebook Ads. It can be manually downloaded or you can use the automated method. To easily download your leads as a CSV file, follow these steps.

Step 1: Head to your Facebook page and click on publishing tools

Step 2: Click on lead ad forms to open the forms library

Step 3: Download your lead as a CSV file and open it with a compatible doc application.

PART THREE: Facebook Lead Ads Examples for Fitness Centers

Creating killer Facebook lead Ads requires you to refer to masterpieces. There is always something to learn before you create your ad.

  1. Locally target your Facebook ads

Running a lead ad for your gym center requires that you target Facebook users around your physical location.

You can easily do this by selecting your target audience by geographical location before running the ad.

Also, try adding your location to your ad copy. For example;

Hello Manitoba!

How fit are you today?

Enroll in gym classes now at a discount price and keep fit

  1. Testimonials actually work

Testimonials are third party recommendation. It helps your audience see the importance of fitness and how fast it works.

It makes them want to try it too. You don’t know how to write a fitness testimonial? Well, it’s easy!

Firstly, you need to communicate the state of your trainee before they started working with you.

You can use a picture with a little explanatory text.

Secondly, your trainee should explain how they joined your gym. Third and lastly, explain how the journey has been and the outcome.

  1. Short and killer copy ads

Sometimes, it is best to keep it short and simple. If you do not want a story ad, you can try out a short killer copy with great graphics.

You could use something like;

If you can’t join the train, join the gym!

  1. Carousels are used to tell interesting stories and draw the audience attention

Picture slides are perfect for Facebook lead ads for your gym center.

Get high-quality graphical images and get your audience scrolling.

If you want to generate sales converting leads for your fitness website or Facebook, do not waste time to contact us.

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