6 Tested Strategies To Attract, Convert, & retain High Paying Audience In Digital Marketing For Photographers.

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I think you will agree with me that Finding your audience today is twice as easy in any industry when the powers of digital marketing is leveraged.

This is simply because we now have more digitally empowered customers as well as business owners who also are in constant scout both online and offline for new leads and ripe customers.

This is no different also in the photography niche. As photography customers continue to grow digitally, it has become imperative that photographers grow too in order to keep relevance and also remain in business.

Apart from competing with the customers digitally, Digital marketing for photographers is absolutely necessary if you must remain competitive amongst other photographers.

In this post, we will discuss extensively the 6 tested strategies to attract and convert high-paying clients in Digital Marketing For Photographers.

Infact these same strategies have been talked about on Google Scholars and employed to other kinds of businesses.

Digital Marketing For Photographers and Good strategies, if done well, will not only help you to generate a good number of leads for follow up, it will also fast-track your photography business growth.

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Let’s Dive Right In.

#1. Know Yourself
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Obviously, there is no business you can do without understanding why you want to be there. This is the first step to success even in digital marketing for photographers. You might want to answer some f these questions:

  1. What is my value proposition?: without a value proposition in your photography digital marketing effort, you obviously will not know why you are in business in the first place, and customers on the other hand will not know why they should consider hiring you for their photography events and not other photographers.
  2. What are your key strengths and Weaknesses?: This needs figuring out too if you must have a smooth sail in the photography business and if you must play digitally. Your strength outlines positive traits or things you do better than others. Weakness on the other hand outlines notable deficiencies that can be improved for better business results.
  3. What resources and equipment do you currently have or planning to acquire?: You definitely cannot go photographing without good quality equipment. Where do you stand when you compare what you currently have to what you see in other photographers’ arsenal?
  4. What is your current level of knowledge in this line of business?: Nobody wants to hire an amateur to photograph a notable and memorable event.
#2. Know Your Audience
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Customers are king. The ways customers are marketed has changed forever. As stated above, we now have customers who are 90% more likely to seek help to their challenges on the internet. For better understanding of your customers, you might need to answer the following questions:

  1. What is their pain points?: They are called customers simply because they have pains to be solved. You will do well as a photographer to discover what their main pain points are.
  2. How much are they willing to pay to solve these pain Points?: Truth is, every customer have a maximum amount they are willing to pay to get a problem solved. This can be discovered through a simple market survey.
  3. Where do they live?: This focuses on the geographical location of your customers. Digital Marketing For Photographers is successful only if you have a complete understanding of where your target audience lives.
  4. How Old Are these customers?: You definitely want to sell your photography service to high-paying clients and not some minors without credit balances in their wallet.
  5. What is their gender?: In Some industries, women buy more than men and vice versa. You will want to establish this too for your photography service.
#3. Reach Out To Your Audience
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Now that you probably know yourself and also your target customers, it is now time to reach out. Reaching out is finding the best platforms to communicate your unique value proposition to your mapped customers. Below are some of the best ways to reach out:

  1. Develop a well-structured website: There is little you can do by just word of mouth in this era of increasing digital customers. A proper and robust reaching out will include developing a simple and well-structured website.

  2. Optimize Your Website For their Search Terms: This can simply be done by following the best on-page SEO strategies such as conducting proper local keyword research, infusing the keywords into the necessary pages on the entire website, maintaining a balanced keyword density and others.

  3. Engage Actively in Photography Blogging: Photography blogging is an outreach method that if done well, promises to generate thousands of organic/free visitors to your photography website. A recommended example of a photography blogger to follow is Improved Photography. Another big advantage of engaging in photography blogging apart from gaining organic visitors is the backlink from high authority sites to your photography website. Backlinks according to uptickmarketing are the new currency of search engine optimization because they will help signal to the search engine that your website is of good value.

  4. Paid Search Ad: This outreach type is worth mentioning in this Digital Marketing For Photographers because it is also one of the paid and sure means by which quality leads can be generated for your photography business. Although this kind of outreach involves spending money, if done well, paid search ads can be a real positive turner for your business. On Google paid search ad, you will have the power to choose placement (Where your ads show), your daily budget, your Gender and also you will be able to refine your search keywords to broad, Phrasal and exact matches. This ensures that your ad shows only to those who are ready to interact with you concerning your products.

  5. Social Media For Photographers: Our digital marketing for photographers will definitely not be complete without talking about social media. Social media boasts of a substantial aspect of the whole digital marketing, and for instance, Facebook alone houses more than 2billion users. There is a great opportunity for your photography business on any of the social media platforms. There are a bunch of things you can do on social media to reach your customers, and some of them are: Running a paid display ad on them, managing your photography pages by constantly updating them with photos, and replying to customers’ comments.
#4. Convert Your Audience To Customers
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If this is not happening in your photography business, I wonder why you are still in business. If knowing yourself, your audience and then reaching out to them are done well, converting them into high paying clients (customers) should be a breeze. How do you convert your audience into Loyal customers?

  1. Ensure that Your Website is User-friendly/Well structured: No one wants to see a disoriented website. Also, no one wants to visit a spammy-like website with lots of distractive pop-ups and ads. Ensure your website is neatly designed or redesigned by a professional web development agency.

  2. Instal various site elements: You wouldn’t want to labour to get your audience to your website only to leave them straying around the website and not knowing what to do. Ensure that the necessary site elements are installed such as A Neat Pop-up with instructions on what is expected of the visitor, a live chat button directing them to chat with a human and not a bot, call to action buttons at strategic locations, an about- us page, internal links to your various works, push notification bottom. These and a few others when installed on your website will not only make it conducive for visitors but will also drive your CRO (Conversion rate) up.

  3. Respond to Live chats and social media chats/comments on time: This is also very key if you must get these audiences converted into high paying clients. Potential clients are becoming more armed digitally and can no longer be predicted, this is why you cannot afford to miss out on any chat, comment or even call.

  4. Show Empathy Via Mails, Calls And Chats: At every given opportunity you have to interact with your audience, please be empathic. Engage The 80/20 rule of active listening whenever you have the opportunity of meeting with your audience. Additionally, make them see that you understand their pains and are ready to help them solve them. To do this, you will need more email marketing skill also.
#5. Delight Your Customers
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Delighting your customers is the last activity in the inbound marketing methodology. According to Hubspot, delighting your customers is providing help and support to empower them to find success with their purchase of your photography service. When you are successful with delighting your customers, you can easily retain and turn them into loyal evangelist of your service. How do you Delight?

  1. Give them discount for their next patronage
  2. Give them refunds in the unfortunate even that your service was poor.
  3. Notify them on time in case you will not be available for their events and be courteous about it
  4. Continue on the path of quality service before cash.
#6. Measure Success Via Data
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Our Digital Marketing For Photographers And strategies cannot be complete without data analysis. For a successful Digital Marketing For Photographers, you cannot but measure your level of progress and success through data analysis. According to Grow, Data helps you understand and improve your photography business so you can reduce wasted money and time. A very important data tool you can use to measure your success in Digital Marketing For Photographers is the Google analytics and Google search console tools.

Social Media For Photographers.

To wrap up on this 6 tested strategies in Digital Marketing For Photographers, we want to quickly suggest 4 Social Media Platforms you should visit frequently:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. Linkedin

Top on our list is Pinterest. This Platform has the capacity to retain your activities for the long term and can also serve as a sure source of organic traffic for your website. This is totally opposed to the other platforms we suggested.

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