Secret Revealed: How to Develop an App with a Limited Budget

Cheapest way to build an app

Few years ago I got into a long conversation with a Colleague and discussed the cheapest way to build an app (How to develop an app with a limited budget). This discussion was necessitated when we both discovered we have been receiving similar requests from business owners about the cheapest way to build an app. While we both agreed this request did not initially get us perturbed, we soon realized there is the need to enlighten our not-too-buoyant clients on the alternative ways by which they can still have an App for their business without breaking the bank.

Apart from discussing the cheapest way to build an App, it was also very crucial to talk about why Apps are important, especially to business. We reached a reasonable conclusion that there are several good reasons for developing an App, the most paramount which is: to improve the owner’s brand awareness and beautify customers’ experience. This is because App development uses and recognizes features customers can fall in love with easily.

Cheapest Way To Build An App.

As a mobile App Developer with Years of experience, building an App (Mobile or Webapp) can gulp a lot of money. This is also dependent on the App functionalities. The best way to cut your cost on App development will be outsourcing the Project to A Freelancer. Freelancers are sure to not charge you as much as it would ordinarily cost you to hire an agency. Additionally, you can Do it Yourself with the use of some mobile app DIY tools such as Appy Pie.

What Is the Cheapest App Builder?
Cheapest way to build an app

As already stated above, there are various Do it yourself App Builders without writing a single line of code. These DIY App builders afford even a programming Novice the ample opportunity to build a beautiful and responsive app without having to pay heavily. While the end result might not be as professional as that built by a trained App developer, it can always be retouched later still at a very cheap cost.

In this paragraph, therefore, I will make a list of 5 App builders you can begin to use even though you are not a programmer. Apart from this, I will also include their various asking prices.

BuildFire - Cheap app building tool

What an opportunity to build your mobile app using the same platform the likes of Pepsi, PayPal, Cisco, and AoN are using. Build-fire App development platform offers you all the functionalities you need to bring your App to Life. First, you are offered 14 days free trial, after which you are mandated to pay a starting price of $4500. With this, you have Up To 2 App Design Options, 2 Revisions, Up To 15 Screens, Up To 3 Hours Of Content Entry.

Good Barber
Cheap App Tool Image

This is another Do it yourself App Builder for your next project. One of the very many reasons you might consider using this tool is because of the big names such as Forbes and Business News Daily who use this same tool to build their Apps. Also not free, but you can bank on Good Barber to get your App Project off the Ground and also completed. You are to pay a monthly fee of 25€ to enjoy the features provided by this app such as:

  • Domain name association
  • SSL security
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 200 GB of storage
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Push notifications
  • SEO optimization
App Machine.
Appmachine tool - Cheapest way to Build An App

AppMachine is yet another easy and fun-to-use app maker. Its origin is in the Netherlands. App machine promises to make App development for newbies not only fun, but smooth and seamless. It comes also with a lego-style editor.

If you want to know, this app development tool is trustworthy because over 200,000 apps have been made with it. As I write, there are 2 different price plans: Plus at $49 a month and Pro at $69 a month. Appmachine automates many tedious processes. For instance, you simply add the URL of your web page to replicate the webpage content into the App. This alone sets Appmachine apart from other tools.


Cheapest way to build an app Mage

iBuildApp Tool uses a simple drag and drops method to ease you off the stress of building an App with Code. Apart from this, iBuildApp has the coolest collection of App templates you can leverage to build your next App project.

The builder comes with a free trial, which will let you get a feel for the platform before you make any serious monetary commitment. What more can you ask for? I personally feel this is the cheapest way to build an App.

Cheapest way to build an app Image

It wows me whenever I imagine how fast this App building tool soon caught the attention of users. AppMakr is one of the largest do-it-yourself app-building tools that offer great solutions to individuals as well as small businesses. Surprisingly too, about 2 million apps have been developed using this builder

You have the opportunity to use the free version of this tool and subsequently upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy better service. Even with the free version, you are still sure to make beautiful and responsive apps in a matter of minutes. When you are done creating your app, uploading it to various places where they are most needed is just but a breeze.

App Development Cost Breakdown (For Raw Code).

While this might be totally correct with you due to reasons ranging from your personal budget to your choice functionalities in the App, this breakdown should ordinarily give you an idea of what it really costs to build an App from the rudiment, especially mobile App.


Building a high tech mobile App in a place like Canada from the scratch may cost you as much as (CAD) – 83100.

So far, I have tried to elaborate on the Cheapest way to build an app known to me.

I want to turn it over to you. Which of these Cheapest way to build an app will you try today?

Will you employ the service of a freelancer or try out one of these App building tools listed above?

Either ways, let us start an App development or Digital Marketing related conversation in the comment section below.

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