The Number 1 AI content generator You need To Compete Favorably For Higher Ranking In 2021 (My Personal Experience)

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AI content generator: I think you will agree with me when I say that:

Writing good quality articles that will rank on the Search engine result page and ones that users will love, require you to pour in a good amount of research time.

You will obviously not want to write a YMYL (Your Money Or Your Life) article that does not meet up with Google’s E.A.T standard (Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness).

There are some basic checklists to ensure that your article meets up with the ranking standards on Google such as:

  1. Exercising Expertise even though it will require your article to be lengthy (In the case of 3500+ words 10x pillar content.)
  2. Researching what kind of content is already winning the rankings (Searchers Intent), and writing similarly but in a skyscraper way.

Writing good quality contents that also meet up with the required word count (Article length) requires some skills such as:

  1. Knowing what LSI/Secondary Keywords your competitors are using for the same keyword you want to rank for.
  2. Knowing the questions your competitors are answering by their content.

Writing a content without a guide or a content aid would be tantamount to sailing without a compass.

In 2021, there are literally more than 100 content generating or assistance tools, but from our personal experience, we will recommend SEO POWERSUITE.

Please note that we have not been incentivized to do this, we are just happy to give this powerful AI content Generator a mention. So when next you want to develop content that is sure to compete for a spot at the top of the Page using an AI content Generator, consider using SEO POWERSUITE.

What Is SEO powersuite?

This SEO software is a complete SEO package. It houses everything you will ever need to rank any page such as its keyword researching abilities, competitor analysis including their backlink and content generating strategies, discovering of best link opportunities, helping to protect your website from Google’s penalties, tracking your result overtime and reporting with customized templates, Getting all the necessary insights you can act on for growth.


What’s Contained Inside SEO Powersuite?

There are four (4) tools with different functionalities within the seo powersuite software, and they include:

  1. The rank tracker
  2. The SEO Spyglass
  3. Website Auditor
  4. Link Assistant
The Rank Tracker
SEO Powersuite Rank tracker as an AI content generator

As the name sounds, this tool withing the powersuite software keeps an up-to-date track ranking and keyword research. This tool tracks competitors’ rankings and does Vertical search tracking as well as geo-targeted results amongst others.

The SEO Spyglass
SEO Powersuite Spyglass as an AI content generator

This is another powerful tool within the SEO Powersuite. This tool does In-depth backlink research & anti-penalty link audit. Apart from its abilities to display Competitors’ link strategies, this tool helps you to generate your Key link stats at a glance.

Website Auditor
SEO Powersuite Website auditor as an AI content generator

You obviously would not want to continue to run a website that goes 6 months without audits. There are many good SEO reasons you must audit your website if you will maintain relevance on the search engine.

This tool within the SEO powersuite does the complete job of website auditing. Some of the funtionalities of this sub-tool includes:

  1. Broken links and 404 pages discovery which is significant for your SEO strategy.
  2. Page content Optimization which may include increasing your word count, including necessary primary and secondary keywords.
  3. Complete Search engine crawl statistics and lots more.
Link Assistant
SEO Powersuite link assistant as an AI content generator

What if you have a simple way to do an effective link outreach and management coupled with a detailed Link building reports?

Well, with link assistant tool within the SEO Powersuite, you are guaranteed a detailed link assistance.

For this post, we will be considering the content optimization function of SEO Powersuite which is one of the categories under the website Auditor tool.

Why Do I Prefer SEO Powersuite?

It has been 2 years now since I discovered and started to use the seo Powersuite. The experience has been intriguing.

  1. For content optimization, I get to see all the keywords I should include in my content and the number of times they should appear.
  2. For content Optimization, I get to see all the competitors and the average word count I must write.
  3. Keyword Mapping.
  4. For content optimization, I get to see a content template I should follow.
  5. Word Cloud.
  6. Installable Software and not some web Applications.
  7. Even in the free version, you can still develop great contents before you decide to upgrade or not.
  8. There is no duration to the number of days you can use the free version. It runs until you finally decide to upgrade to a paid version.

SEO Powersuite as Smart Article Generator

The SEO Powersuite is an accurate ai writer. Personally, I have used it to optimize tons of contents. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will be showing you the step-by-step guide on how to use the SEO Powersuite AI Content Generator to compete with other websites no matter how big their traffic or Domain Authority is.

The First Thing I do usually is research my keyword using Google, determine its search difficulty, and then head over to begin to create my content using the AI content generator. I have shared also how to check the search difficulty using the SEO powersuite.

#1. Download the software

Head over to SEO Powersuite to download the software

how to download seo powersuite for AI content generator
how to download seo powersuite for AI content generator
#2. Enter your Url In The Provided Box

Enter your URL in the box provided, and click on the FINISH BUTTON. By entering your URL, you are giving access to the software to crawl your entire website in order to make meaningful suggestions to you.

how to download seo powersuite for AI content generator
#3. Tap on the content analysis & Editor

You will want to specify what exactly you want to do here. At this point, you are not here to check your site structure and the depth of your links, you are here to do content analysis and editing.

how to download seo powersuite for AI content generator
#4. Enter Your Keyword

At this point, you will be prompted to enter the keyword you want to rank for (Your Primary keyword) . The tool will analyze this keyword to pull out the present competitors, the content word count (WHAT YOU SHOULD AIM FOR), the recommended keywords, the topics and questions you can try to answer in your content.


Overall, AI content generator is taking over, and SEO Powersuite has positioned itself as a worthy AI content generator.

I personally invite you to try out this tool, you will be grateful you did.

You can also let us know what you feel in the comment section below.

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