6 Crazy Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas No One Is Talking About: Exhaustive and Untapped

real estate lead generation ideas

It is no new thing that businesses in various industries jostle to gain the attention of a very large number of same customers, and it is no different also in the real estate industry.

Every day, realtors search for real estate lead generation ideas that will roll in qualified business Leads for constant follow up in hopes that they keep buying their listings.

In Wonder Leads book, Dave Holloway says:
Leads (Contacts) are the lifeblood of any business either B2B or B2C. Without steady lead generation, a business can stop making progress

Looks like this singular marketing exercise is getting a lot more serious and harder to accomplish these days, as potential clients looks ever ready to resist any form of product or service introduction and attractions/Distractions from business owners.

Quick One:

  1. B2B Lead: A B2B also meaning Business to business, is a direct contact (Lead) of a potential customer who could realistically Buy your real estate Listings or the real estate services you offer for the purpose of doing business again with it.
  2. B2C Lead: A B2C also meaning Business to Customers is direct contact of a potential customer who patronizes your products or services for the purpose of personal utilization.

So What’s In Here For You?

In this post, we are going to share with you first, the 20 Traditional methods other people have been using to generate leads in the real estate industry that DOES NOT WORK anymore.

After this is done, We will unveil the 6 Untapped Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas that works wonders. Your team can also replicate these ideas into your real estate marketing strategy in order to attract more leads or employ the services of a real estate marketing agency with proven results to get it done for you.

These ideas are totally different from what You have been doing/what you have known. These ideas will not only help you keep your integrity as a business owner, but they will also help you build positive and direct connections with the exact persons that matter to your real estate business dealings.

Let’s dive right into this quickly

4 Traditional Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas That Does Not Work Anymore

#1.Cold Calling

You must have heard this term often and again. Well, cold calling is simply the sales practice of contacting a potential customer with whom you have no prior relationship or connection. Cold calling makes this list because it is pretty difficult to execute especially if you are not a professional like Gordon Tredgold who made 2,000 B2B Cold Calls in Just 20 Days. While cold calling sounds good, you might find it hard to include in your Real estate Lead Generation Ideas because:

  1. According to Gordon Tredgold, you will need at least 17 solid calls before you can reach the real person (Usually the decision-maker)
  2. Only 1/10 of this conversation will probably lead to a meeting… Like seriously?
  3. And when you do have a breakthrough to the real person, you will need to do the leg work.
  4. This potential client might even turn you down eventually. That’s a lot more painful

In his lead generation techniques for small businesses book, Dave Holloway has this to say:

I have tried cold calling clients severally before, and all I could feel each time was fear. The fear of knowing you are possibly about getting on somebody’s bad side.

#2. Email Marketing

While email marketing might seem like a good way to get leads for your real estate business, it doesn’t cut to the chase for us.

Very many business people set up mail filtering rules that will immediately mark most email messages as spam. With this, many of your mails will remain unopen.

Even mailchimp recognizes that various Mail measuring metrics are dropping for various industries including the real estate.

INDUSTRYAverage Open RateAverage Click RateHard BounceSoft BounceUnsubscribe Rate
Real Estate19.17%1.77%0.38%0.56%0.27%
Recruitment and Staffing21.14%2.53%0.45%0.53%0.30%
MailChimp October 2019 Mail Statistics

From the above table, it is quite obvious that for MailChimp users who play in the real estate industry, email marketing is really not a way to go.

And usually, site visitors who fills out your form might have done that in order to get an undisturbed moment on your site, and not because they are prepared to buy anything from you.

#3 In-Persons Events (Trade Shows)

While some persons might argue that Trade shows are a big integral part of a real estate’s marketing plan, without research and in-depth analysis, you might quickly jump into organizing a series of trade shows for your real estate business. Find below a tabular overview of what other real estate organizations will be doing for 2021 and 2022:

Real Estate Trade Shows Schedules For 2021-2023
YearOrganization/OrganizersTrade Show FrequencyProposed Event Date
4 days
2021BUILDEX ALBERTA (Canada)Once a year05/04/2021
2 days
2021BUILDEX CALGARY (Canada)Once a year05/04/2021
2 days
2021PREMIUM REAL ESTATE EXPO (Athens)Once a year05/14/2021
2 days
2022MIPIM ASIAOnce A YearJan. 2022
2022IRAN PROPERTY EXPO (Iran)Once A YearFeb. 2022
2022SALON DE L’IMMOBILIER – NANTES-SUD (France)Once A YearFeb. 2022
This trade show will focus on Property Maintenance and Services
Every 2 YearsOct. 2022
BAUMAG is a trade show intended for the construction industry, real estate developers and builders
Every yearsJan. 2023
Curled from: Eventseye

Notice from the table above that trade shows are not organized frequently. From the table above, some organizers do trade shows once in a year, some twice in a year, and others every 2 years. Trade shows for real estate business is not an ongoing marketing activity, rather it is an annual event that requires alot of:

  1. Serious Planning and consultations
  2. Money (Fat budgets) for publicity, invitations and venue preparation
  3. Many Personnel for effectiveness

Not many real estate organization can afford to host a trade show because not only is organizing it demanding (As listed above), but the tendency of inviting the right people who will patronize you is slim. In some cases, those who honor your invitation to the trade show are coming to pitch their organization to other attendees.

#4 Print Advertising

You are possibly surprised to see this form advertising in this category of real estate lead generation ideas that are not effective anymore.

Although print advertising is one of the oldest form of business development medium, and it is still a viable option for many businesses today. But then it does not look viable for B2B because:

  1. Print Advertising is a consumer-dominated marketing medium, and this makes sense for B2C since the target number here is huge.
  2. The target number in a B2B is smaller and sometimes cannot be reached by this form of advertising. The reason is because for every large organization, the key decision makers are just a little fraction of the entire staffs in the organization and these persons are usually difficult to reach. This is why there has been a continuous decline in the revenue growth of B2B print media organizations in the USA as reported by connective.
  3. Tracking the ROI for a print advertising is practically impossible as you cannot ascertain the number of persons who actually viewed your advert.

And here comes the crazy real estate lead generation ideas for B2B that nobody is talking about.

6 Crazy Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas No One Is Talking About (Step-by-Step).

real estate lead generation ideas

These ideas have been proven by David Holloway in his wonder leads book. You can either employ the services of a real estate marketing agency to help you execute these ideas, or you can also do it yourself. These real estate lead generation ideas are not just affordable (Little or no advert cost), they are also highly effective.

Please note that these ideas might feel like a slow burner at the start, but you’ve got to be dedicated to it and it will pay off for the long term. Just Imagine sowing a seed and expecting the fruit in years.

#1. Build Case Study Landing Pages
real estate lead generation ideas

If you have not done this yet, make plans to start today. Obviously, customers are making their purchasing decisions these days by how convincing you can be with your business, and what other people are saying about you. Sum this all up in a UX-designed Landing Page.

Make the landing page Clear, branded and functional, then move to the next step below.

#2. LinkedIn: Send Out Some Carefully worded Connections Request
real estate lead generation ideas using LinkedIn connections

One of the marketing mistakes real estate organizations make is using LinkedIn only as a content-sharing and not as an individual targeting platform too.

Even though you already have connections on LinkedIn, add a little more, but this time, connect with top executives and decision-makers in their respective organizations.

When this is done, move on to the next step below

#3. Write a short, friendly and personalized video script.
real estate lead generation ideas

The goal here to make a video to be sent to your newly acquired connections on LinkedIn.

Ensure that your video script is friendly, short, built around a client case study, and it is personalized to each connections you just got on LinkedIn.

Get everyone on the team to go through this script and make necessary adjustments before it is translated into a proper video. After this, Move on to the Next Step below.

#4. Shoot A 40 Seconds Video
real estate lead generation ideas Videos

Using the edited script above, create a short (Usually 40 minutes) and personalized high quality case study video for your connections on LinkedIn.

Ensure to use Good camera with clear imagery and sound. Stay focused, cool and relaxed.

Put yourself in the potential viewer’s shoes.

#5. Attach the videos to the Landing Pages In #1 Above & Send It Out

It is now time to do some editing on the Case study landing page you created above.

Add the newly created short video to the landing page in #1 above. Ensure that the video quality matches the quality of the landing page.

When this is done, get back to LinkedIn and create a personalized message with the link to the case study landing page and send to your connections.

#6. Repeat the Steps Above With A New Approach

While you developed a case study landing pages and Videos in the above steps, do something slightly different in this step.

Educate. Make them understand what you do, and how that will be of immense value to them.

These real estate lead generation ideas focus on the use of LinkedIn as the outreach and inbound source, and not any real estate lead generation software as some markets will have you believe. This is why you must ensure that your company’s LinkedIn page is properly set up.

Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment box below about these 6 real estate lead generation ideas.

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