5 Unpopular Marketmuse Competitors That Are Also Powerful.

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Let’s talk about marketmuse competitors

First, you know that Google doesn’t rank badly written contents right? The Google series of updates tells me so.

In a recent statistics (2021), more than 70 million blog posts go live on WordPress alone every month apart from ones that are being published on other platforms.

This should give you an insight into why Google (Being the biggest search engine at the moment) must regulate contents that are being churned out on its platform, to never rank badly written ones, while also working hard to be fair to those who take time to develop well-researched contents.

What Connotes Bad Content (According To Google)

  1. Bad content is one that does not clearly define its intent.
  2. Bad content is one that is lean (Not enough information to substantiate a claim).
  3. Bad content is one that does not establish its E.A.T (Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness).
  4. Bad content is one that ignores LSI/Synonymous keywords.
  5. Bad content is one that prioritizes quantity over quality (Many words, but less helpful).
  6. Bad content is one with multiple grammatical errors.

    I wish I can continue, but these should give you a hint of what bad content looks like so that you can write better content that is sure to win in search.

Creating contents that will eventually rank well on The SERP (Search engine result page) such as on Google, Bing or Yandex require a good amount of efforts to be poured in.

This is why you need AI content generator apps/software to make writing your content a little easier. AI Content generators such as MARKETMUSE are not in themselves without errors, but these are minimal compared to freehand.

While I have tried various AI content-generating aids such as the MARKETMUSE, I have come to realize that other marketmuse competitors are way better, and less expensive especially for new content developers.

Of course, that’s not an issue if you’re an enterprise business with a big budget, I just don’t understand going after a non-enterprise audience with similar terms for credit usage.

In this post therefore, I will outline 5 marketmuse competitors you should try out for improved content.

So let’s dive right in.

5 Marketmuse Competitors You Should Be Using For Content Development

1. Seo Powersuite Content Editor

This is a great content development tool everyone needs to use. I wrote extensively about how to use this tool in my post titled: Number 1 AI content generator You need To Compete Favorably For Higher Ranking In 2021.

Free Version Available?Yes. You can continue with the version until you are ready to upgrade
Competitor Analysis?Yes. This tool Tells You what your competitors are doing to rank their content.
Suggested Keywords?Yes. With This tool, you will see the number of keywords to use within your post.
Word count?Yes. Word count is necessary nowadays to rank high. This tool generates the word count to aim for.
Free Download?Yes. Upon finishing your content, you can export it in pdf format.
2. Content Studio
Marketmuse competitors and Content Studio as the alternative image

We usually do not expect that you will ever stop using SEO Powersuite because its features are simply what you need. But if you ever wish to switch away from Marketmuse and SEO Powersuite as an AI Content generator, Content Studio is the way to look.

Content Discovery And InsightsYes. With content studio, you have access to content insights to help you create better content.
Multi-Channel ComposerYes. You can compose fresh blog contents by leveraging the powers of this multi-channel composer.
Suggested Keywords?Yes. With This tool, you will see the number of keywords to use within your post.
Planner & CalendarYes. Plan your content with a responsive editorial calendar that suits everyone on your team
Analytics & ReportingYes. You can track your level of success with content using this tool to see how readers interact with your content daily.
3. Frase Content
Frase Image - marketmuse competitors

Frase is an amazing content optimization tool to have. It helps you optimize your content for performance in modern search engines, so you can achieve higher rankings. With this optimized content comes friction removal from your website’s buyers journey. When next you are considering some marketmuse competitors, frase is the way to Go.\

4. Menterprise

First, it was the very many testimonials and positive reviews I saw on this website that drew my attention.

Truly, in minutes, you can create good quality articles that are sure to rank well on the SERP.

UsageThis tool is quite easy to use. No setup, no fuss β€” just login & go
PricingAffordable. You can begin to create your content for as low as $1
Suggested Keywords?Yes. With This tool, you will see the number of keywords to use within your post.
5. ClearScope
Clearscope - Marketmuse competitors jpg

Clearscope is one of the AI-powered marketmuse competitors that I highly recommend. This tool makes it ridiculously easy to get more out of your content.

Although one might argue that Its starting Price of $170 is way too expensive for beginners, clearcope is really worth it if you can afford to pay $170 per month.

Lowest Price$170 Per Month
Trusted By:Big Brands Like Shopify, Youtube, Adobe, and Deloitte.
integrationGoogle docs, and WordPress
Customer CareExcellent

From my point of view, marketmuse credit structure is extremely cost-prohibitive for anyone that isn’t an enterprise business. For SEO content startups and anyone just beginning to grow, there might not be a chance to make some profits using marketmuse AI content generator. This is why trying out any of these marketmuse competitors mentioned above is necessary.

Apart from cost, I personally prefer these marketmuse competitors because of the additional features they have integrated into them. Some of these marketmuse competitors have google docs & WordPress Plugins integrated, some have the ability to auto-generate a pdf file for your content. These features are highly required for more convenient content writing.

Let’s turn it over to you…

Which of these marketmuse competitors have you used or are willing to try out?

The clearscope, the SEO Powersuite content editor or Frase?

Do let us know in the comment box below.

You can also share your experience (Positive or negative) about any of the AI content generating tool mentioned above, including Marketmuse.

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